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here you can find articles, debates and specialised scientific studies from the field of locomotor physical education, motor, sensory and functional abilities, sports didactics, health education, psycho-motor learning, psychological basics of locomotor physical education, movement influences on neurophysiological mechanisms, environment influences on young children’s locomotor development.

There will be also topics on specialised areas like swimming, skiing and games. I will try to be critical towards specialised and other (secondary) literature and sources, programmes (curricula) of locomotor physical education in kindergartens and schools and also towards professionals who work in above mentioned fields.

Here and there a topic for nature lovers will be presented, especially topics on experiential education with physical resources and history because these are my hobbies. Colleagues who have something important “to say” will be invited to contribute to this web page, too.


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English articles:

Nonlinearity in sports didactics

Physical education between theory and praxis

Some fuctional capabilites of young children in the fuction of satisfying development requirements

The role of motor transfer in didactics of physical education

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